Saturday, February 5, 2011

Old News!

We've been pretty lax about updating this page with new music, though the Penny Dreadful Valentine page has been slowly growing over the last few months. When we last updated this site it was about the third and fourth new PDV tracks. Since then, we've posted three new tunes and a remix.

You can find the songs The God in the Bowl, Red Velvet Upholstery, Black Leather Curtains and Black Light God available as free downloads over at the official Penny Dreadful Valentine site. There's also a remix of Red Velvet Upholstery, Black Leather Curtains posted, as well. They're all free downloads.

Once over there, feel free to nose around. The album's liner notes and most of the lyrics are posted, in addition to the songs.

RED VELVET UPHOLSTERY, BLACK LEATHER CURTAINS (Blade Slays Edward Mix) by Mary Shelley Overdrive

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Two new songs! Kinda!

We've got two new songs available for download, though one isn't exactly "new" (nor is it exactly "ours.")

The first is song number five from Penny Dreadful Valentine. Titled Black Light God, it's available for download over at the album's website. Get it here.

Black Light God was intended for our last LP but we had two problems with the song. First, the original mix was a bit agonizing to listen to, even by our obnoxious standards. Second, the original lyrics sucked harder than an Olympic-class sucking thing (and I can say that because I wrote them.) Mark stepped in an re-wrote the lyrics, keeping only my original Black Light God idea and jettisoning the other shite.

In case you were wondering, the Black Light God from my lyrics was Captain Marvel. The Kree guy, not Shazam. Even though it didn't make the final cut for our first album, it was still referenced in the lyrics of Sword of Galaga. ("Oh," you must be thinking. "NOW the song makes sense!")

The other "new" song is our re-mix of IG-88's '57 Chevy by mc chris. He had a contest to remix songs from his Part Six eps and, being huge fans, we thought we'd take a stab at one of the songs. As usual, though, we dragged our asses and missed the deadline. We're trying to get our new album done and the remix thing just got pushed to the side for a few days too many.

We wanted to do one of the Star Wars songs and decided ti pick the one about IG-88. He's like the bounty hunter who always gets picked last in gym class, so we thought we'd show him a little love.

The original concept of our re-mix was to do a classic Run DMC/License to Ill-era Beastie Boys version of the song. As with everything we do, though, it threatened to turn into a Destroy All Monsters tune before the first chorus was over.

You can get the song below!

- Simon

IG-88's 57 Chevy (Mary Shelley Overdrive remix) by Mary Shelley Overdrive

Friday, September 17, 2010

Songs #3 and #4 from Penny Dreadful Valentine ... go get 'em!

Well, kinda new, anyway. It's been a while since we've update this page, so we've got two new tracks to share with you. Derelict went live Sept. 4 over at Nigel Leitch's blog (thanks Nigel!) while A Delirium of Fireflies was posted this week at G33K4L1F3.

You can keep track of these songs (where they are all available as free downloads) at the website dedicated to the new album, Penny Dreadful Valentine.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Music UPDATE

We're on fire this week ... not only can you expect a new track from Penny Dreadful Valentine to hit the Internet during the next few days, but we've got a collaboration pending with some fantastic S.C. musicians you might recognize, too. The tracks for PDV are coming together and, thanks to a happy accident, we might have turned one song into two (a mistake which might also have uncovered the thread of the album's narrative.) Stay tuned!

Friday, August 27, 2010


Hey, all.

We've got a new song available as a free download but have been a bit slack in promoting it. It was first posted a week ago by our friend Phelpster at The Manchester Morgue and has since gone up at the official Penny Dreadful Valentine website.

It's the second free song, if you're keeping score, and titled THE KING IN YELLOW. So go get it!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New song from MSO

Mary Shelley Overdrive (that's us) has released the first song from our new LP Penny Dreadful Valentine. We plan to release every song from this new collection as they're finished and have launched a dedicated site for the effort. You can find the new song, titled Belladonna, at

Saturday, July 24, 2010


We're perilously close to releasing some new music. Currently being mixed are the songs Belladonna and The King in Yellow, both of which will be posted as free downloads ASAP.

The current plan is to release the new album (titled Penny Dreadful Valentine) track-by-track as the songs are completed. The songs will likely premiere on outside blogs and podcasts before making their way to the dedicated PDV website for free. Stay tuned for announcements!

The album cover for Penny Dreadful Valentine is to your left. The art folds out ... and the rest of the image will be revealed when the album is completed.