Saturday, February 5, 2011

Old News!

We've been pretty lax about updating this page with new music, though the Penny Dreadful Valentine page has been slowly growing over the last few months. When we last updated this site it was about the third and fourth new PDV tracks. Since then, we've posted three new tunes and a remix.

You can find the songs The God in the Bowl, Red Velvet Upholstery, Black Leather Curtains and Black Light God available as free downloads over at the official Penny Dreadful Valentine site. There's also a remix of Red Velvet Upholstery, Black Leather Curtains posted, as well. They're all free downloads.

Once over there, feel free to nose around. The album's liner notes and most of the lyrics are posted, in addition to the songs.

RED VELVET UPHOLSTERY, BLACK LEATHER CURTAINS (Blade Slays Edward Mix) by Mary Shelley Overdrive